Transfer students

Nursing students wishing to transfer to The Enfimye Institute from another nursing program may do so upon meeting all The Enfimye Institute Nursing Program admission requirements.

If a student wishes to transfer credits by test-out or from an accredited institution, the student must present official documents and transcripts from the institution where the credit was earned for evaluation. All transfer credits must comply with curriculum requirements. The Director of Nursing must evaluate all credits before a decision is made.

international students

International students must  provide official foreign transcripts evaluated by a NACES approved evaluating agency. 


For more information for international students, click here.

If you have additional questions, please email us: or call us: 561-420-0499.

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The Enfimye Insitute was built with the idea to help those who work hard and nothing is harder than going to school and not finishing. We are working with organizations like CLEP, DSST, ECE,, ACE CREDIT, WES and excel to bring our students to earn college credit in an alternative way the Enfimye Insitute will accept your transfer credits upon completion of an in-school equivalency exam and with proper paperwork. Apply today to find out if your courses can transfer.