why Enfimye?

The Enfimye Institute was built with technology at the forefront of its focus. We have devoted systems and processes that allow students to learn in the modern world. We are constantly building new partnerships and Putting systems in place in order to help our students. We use high-end technology to bring you a world-class education 

The BIO-Digital Human 


Access to 1000s of resources to help you be successful 

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In-depth videos and pictures


The most complete, scientifically accurate, interactive 3D body ever assembled.

  • Male and female anatomy in professional-grade detail

  • Each system fully segmented, labeled and dissectable for easy configuration to meet any student needs

For the first time see human disease and health conditions in interactive 3D.

  • Over 500 health conditions including heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and more

  • Optimized for active learning, 3D technology is proven to be a more engaging and accessible way of communicating complex science

High-quality cloud-based platform to study on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device


In-Depth Review unlike any other


For nurses


Why New and Transfer students choose Enfimye:


The Enfimye Institute was built with the idea to help those who work hard and nothing is harder than going to school and not finishing. We are working with organizations like CLEP, DSST, ECE, ACE CREDIT, WES and excel to help our students who have earned college credits in the past. the Enfimye Insitute works hard to determine if your credits are  transferable with options like in-school equivalency exams, transcript evaluations, credit-by-exam, and more.


Apply today to find out if your credits can be transfer.

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